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Our skilled lawyers are here to listen and help. Don’t get just any car accident lawyer or divorce attorney—get The Bear.  We aggressively pursue your interests until your case is closed and you are satisfied with the outcome.

While located in Cache Valley, our law firm services clients in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and parts of Arizona (Cave Creek, Phoenix area).


With more than 50 years of combined legal experience, the lawyers at Bearnson & Caldwell have a sterling reputation throughout the region. Regardless of the legal case, whether simple or complex, we’ve likely assisted with a similar one before. We aren’t afraid to litigate and give honest, sound legal advice, in both Spanish and English.

Treated with Care

“Thank you so much for believing in my case. We were very pleased with the outcome and the work you put into it. We are so glad that we were led to you and that you took the case. We hope that you and your team have continued success.”
— Bob Robertson

Bearnson & Caldwell Attorneys