The law firm of Bearnson & Caldwell regularly helps clients maintain control of their estates, reduce or even eliminate estate taxes, and avoid court involvement after their death. Bearnson & Caldwell and its attorneys have several techniques to help properly protect and form your estate, including: revocable and irrevocable trusts, wills, powers of attorney – both special and general, advance health care directives, special needs trusts, life insurance trusts, and charitable trusts.

Many clients come to our office wondering what estate planning really is. Quite simply, estate planning is a legal vehicle by which, you, instead of others, plan for the future. Estate Planning is making decisions regarding your treatment, your assets, and your family, which are legally enforceable during life and even after death. At Bearnson & Caldwell, your decisions, not those of others, govern the future; you can decide how your property is to be used or distributed; you can take steps to reduce or eliminate estate taxes; you can avoid some of the delays and expenses so often attenuated with probate after death; and you can do all of this while maintaining your privacy and avoiding court intrusion.

Your estate plan can:

  • Provide instructions for your care in the event you become incapacitated
  • Provide security and protection for your loved ones
  • Provide for the control and management of your assets during your lifetime
  • Provide explicit instructions as to how your assets are to be utilized and distributed after your death
  • Provide privacy and confidentiality to your financial affairs after your death
  • Avoid the costs and delays associated with probate
  • Reduce or eliminate estate tax liability

Contrary to common belief, estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Whether your current estate is large, small, or somewhere in between, a lack of foresight now in adequately planning for your family’s future forces someone else (i.e. the court) to make these important decisions for you after your death. Estate planning at Bearnson & Caldwell puts these decisions back into your hands, so that your legacy is your choice.

The attorneys at Bearnson & Caldwell represent clients throughout all of Utah and Idaho, and have years of collective legal experience in estate planning and estate dispute resolution. From that experience, we know that the cost of a finely tuned estate plan is relatively small in comparison to the cost of not being prepared.


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