At Bearnson & Caldwell, our attorneys apply decades of experience in real estate law to protect your interests in commercial and residential real property transactions, and in initiating or defending your interests in complex real estate litigation. Bearnson & Caldwell handles real estate matters situated in the State of Utah, Idaho, and Arizona.

Real Estate Transactions

If you are buying or selling a home, Bearnson & Caldwell can negotiate and prepare the purchase and sale agreement, also commonly known as the real estate purchase contract; analyze inspection reports and seller disclosures; arrange for title review and any surveys; and prepare and review documents for closing.

In commercial real estate, we handle land acquisition and development issues, contracts, agreements, transactions, and the drafting of commercial lease agreements. In the commercial sector, whether as the lessee or lessor, having a Bearnson & Caldwell attorney at your side to address and resolve matters that have arisen or likely will (e.g. no-build zones, competition restrictions, CAM charges, zoning, CC&Rs, etc.) is a must.

Real Estate Litigation, Commercial Lease Issues, Property Disputes

The attorneys at Bearnson & Caldwell are known for their thorough preparation and favorable outcomes in civil litigation. Our real estate trial lawyers represent property owners, buyers, commercial tenants, and other parties in numerous actions, including:

  • Real Estate Purchase Agreement litigation
  • Misrepresentation claims
  • Construction and construction defect litigation
  • Real estate and mortgage fraud
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Foreclosures (mortgagor or mortgagee representation)
  • Quiet title actions over disputed ownership
  • Easement and boundary line disputes

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